Capital Markets Strategy Consultant - jump to PE / VC / IB


I have been following this community for almost 2 years. I have also worked 1 year in Management Consulting for Capital Markets Strategy. During my time in consulting, I have covered front office and back office projects in private bank, wealth, asset, & investment mgmt, etc..

During my time here, I have discovered a growing interest in PE and VC by researching opportunities and discussing with colleagues. I enjoy my current work, but would like to focus more on investments and finances.

I am in a 2/3rd tier consulting firm, but have a lot of industry exposure. How can I prepare to make the transition? I believe that I should gain some IB/PE experience before going for an MBA and then switching to PE.

In undergrad, I had a very sheltered education where I was studying for engineering and medicine. However, I managed to jump into consulting as soon as I learned about the work and opportunities it presents. I am late in discovering what I want to do, but I am committed and want to prepare myself for my future career steps.

Each blog that I have read thus far discusses
1. MBB to PE
2. 2nd tier to IB to PE

but none really discusses if consultants were in financial services or 3rd tier.

Let me know if any additional information is needed to help out. Thanks

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Mar 4, 2018