Career Advice - BAML FMAP Program

Hi all,

I recently accepted an offer for a summer internship with BAML's FMAP program. I come from the lowest non-target school possible, so I am very excited for this opportunity. I only landed this internship because of a last-minute connection that I made with one of the Managing Directors in the ML Wealth Management division. I've heard from other professionals that know him that I made a good impression when I met him, and he seems to be willing to act as a mentor for me (we've been exchanging emails since October). The summer internship will be based in Charlotte.

I have had the following previous internships:
Financial Analyst Intern - FPA (at a regional bank in NY)
Accounting Intern (regional nonprofit in NY)
Accounting Intern (with a local CPA firm)

Additionally, I have a 3.8 GPA and am earning a BS in Finance and BS in Accounting. I have held a few leadership positions at school, and also have a solid interests section on my resume. My planned graduation is December 2019.

I am really hoping to get into the IBD at any BB/MM/boutique firm. I think that the FMAP position is a good step, but I believe that this is mostly corporate finance - although I just spoke to the MD and my recruiter, and I should be supporting the IBD or Wealth Management lines.

That said, what should my next steps be? I am trying to game plan out for the next 1-2 years. Should I try to stay on with BAML - especially with this connection with the MD? What are realistic expectations for getting into any IBD positions with this background?

Thanks for any advice in advance!