Career Advice for a wealth management sales professional?

Hey Everyone.. I have finally joined WSO after years of lurking... hoping some of you can help put me in the right direction.

I started my career different. I saw so many friends go to university and graduate with a finance degree only to go work at some retail company making minimum wage. I didn't want that.

I went into banking as a teller and worked much way up to a relationship manager for Citi working with clients from $250k net worth to $10m net worth. I keep a close relationship with PWM and focus on investments and wealth management as well as some lending.

Anyways, I'm 23 years old and have a client book of business of approximately $125m spread across 450 clients.

I'm finishing my undergrad in finance. I am a 3rd year and will be done in 2 semesters. I focused more on work than school so I will finish with about a 3.3 gpa and it is from a public university in California (NOT A UC)

I am confused as to where my career is headed. It's natural to be confused I suppose, but I'd really appreciate some guidance. I'm considering PRIVATE Banking, but not sure how to get myself in.

Another dilemma is I have an extremely competitive base with a high bonus and earn close to 150-200k a year.

What would you do? I'm in it for the long run and want to make the best career for my self and my family. I am getting married in a year and a half and I want to make the right choices.

Any advice will be appreciated!

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Dec 22, 2018