Career Advice for MBA (Mckinsey vs PE)

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Hey everyone,

So, to keep this short and to the point:

I've been working for ~1 year at a local PE firm (~1bn AUM) as an Analyst (I'm from a small country - it's one of the largest PE firms in the country and has a branch in another Country). I was offered a job at Mckinsey starting this January as Business Analyst. After an MBA - which I'd want to do for the experience/change country post-MBA - I would like to remain in PE, albeit in a larger firm (i.e Blackstone etc if possible!)-

I'm doubting over whether joining Mckinsey would i) increase my chances of joining an MBA (the smaller nature of my PE firm allows me more responsibility and ownership) and ii) compromise an exit back to PE (not the easiest story to tell).

For what it's worth, longer hours don't affect me, albeit I think I do prefer the work in PE overall. The majority of the partners at my current firm went to HBS, so that might factor in come recommendation letter time...

So, joining Mckinsey vs remaining at my current place - what would help me more into getting into a good MBA and into a larger PE firm aftewards?~

I've got about a week to make the decision so... any help is appreciated!


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Sep 21, 2019
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