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Hello guys,
An opportunity presented itself to do a 6month internship in Luxembourg in a PE firm on the Controlling ( guy approched me originaly did audit in big 4)
In September i will start my masters in Strategy and International management in St.Gallen . My target is either consulting or IB/PE/VC (too broad i know but i want to keep the options open) . Also back in my country i have a start up with my brother which can operate with me in another country and in which the following 6 months are predicted to be steady. I also have lvl 1 CFA but not currently doing lvl 2(after the masters) .

Should I take this internship? On one hand it will be an international experience which i dont currently have but on the other side i think that taking such a role maybe limit my chances on frontoffice job after the masters. What do you think?

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Feb 8, 2017 - 8:57pm

What's your alternative? What else would you do for these 6 months, and how would it help further your career? Controlling is not directly helpful to PE, but it does fill your resume up with more finance experience, which never hurts early on. When recruiting for PE/IB/VC out of your masters, do you think your resume will look any better with this internship on there?

More context is needed before the community can give you any serious advice.

Feb 9, 2017 - 3:52am

Well the alternative is to continue working on my startup. The chance that i will do something that add to my cv in those 6 months there though is small (Getting more funding, new market entry etc) . I know i may be nit picking but i dont know if having 6 months controlling exp will hurt my cv ( make me seem too accounting oriented) considering i also had one more internship in big4 audit.

In other words i dont know how IBs/PE/VC/MBB will asess such experience.

Feb 9, 2017 - 1:13pm

When you show up to any interview, your story will be that you did accounting but went back to school in order to pivot to a deal execution role. That story won't change just because you had an additional internship in accounting.

In my opinion, you need to decide right now whether you are serious about your startup or about your finance career. Don't hedge your startup by planning for finance or vice versa - pick one, and go balls deep. Otherwise you are likely to fail, as both paths require 100% of your focus.

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