I am currently studying at the UCSD pursuing a BS Degree in Economics and a Minor in Business. I am interested in pursuing a career in investment banking and have two options on my upcoming graduation:

The first option is taking up a Boutique Investment Bank internship opportunity in New York this summer and finishing up my degree Fall quarter of the following academic school year and look for a full time position afterwards.

The second option is finishing up my degree this summer and joining the Boutique Investment Bank starting Fall, then look for a full time position in New York as I am working at the Boutique.

I have been told that Fall is the best time for recruitment but unfortunately coming from a non-target school with virtually no recruitment from Investment Banks, my network is limited at San Diego. I was thinking that if I take the Boutique Investment Banking opportunity in New York this next fall I can network there and approach banks saying that though I have a full time position right now and am working on a couple deals, it is only temporary and I am looking for a 1-2 typical analyst contract. Which one do you think is the better option and will more likely lead to a full time position? My deadline to accept of decline the offer is coming up and so advice will help!

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my vote goes to option 2

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could you please explain why you believe option two is better? do banks tend to accept people outside of fall such as winter or spring, or is it based off availability? thank you


What are the odds of the boutique turning into a permanent position?




honestly i would not count on the boutiques turning into permanent positions. what is the job outlook around mid/late fall and winter? i can also try to recruit while working at the boutique, any suggestions?



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