Career advice needed. Desperate for help, please read!

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Dear WSO, I'm a long term lurker, first time posting. I'm really desperate for your help, I know this might not be in the right forum. Please don't be mad, I just really need your help and you guys give the best advice that I've seen just about anywhere. I don't know what direction to take and I know I'm going to get blasted by you guys for making a post like this, but I exhausted all methods and need some genuine advice.

I came from a non/semi-target school (Baruch) and I just recently graduated with a BBA in finance with a mediocre GPA (Cumulative 3.1, Finance GPA 3.3) and I live in NYC. I'm not even going to consider IBD because realistically, I have no chance.
I'm trying to explore a couple of other fields: corporate finance at F500, PWM, commercial banking, and lastly Asset Management.
I have little internship experience (only interned at an insurance firm doing admin work, and now I'm currently at a non-paid internship at start-up brokerage/advisory firm). I'm trying to figure out what the next best course of action is. My current firm is sponsoring me for the Series 7 and series 66 and I'll be taking those within a month.

So I have a few questions:
1) Should I start applying now to commercial banking, corporate finance, pwm entry roles or should I search for an internship at these sectors before applying for entry roles?
2) For entry roles at F500, are the offices usually in NYC?
3) Which roles in F500 corporate finance are the easiest to break into?
4) Any chance of getting into rotational programs at this point with my stats? Also, does Corp Fin F500 usually prefer finance majors or accounting majors?
5) Would it give me a tiny advantage having the 7/66 for a PWM entry role at a BB?
6) I understand commercial banking is more relevant to businesses, but what are the specific names of the roles in commercial banking? And does it help having Series 7/66, what is the beginning salary?

Basically, given my stats, what would be the next course of action to take for 2-3 years until I go back to get a MBA?

I know this is a long post, but I really appreciate any of the help you guys can give me, I'm really desperate. Thanks in advance, for all the help. This website really helped me a lot, a ton of great info.

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Feb 20, 2013


Feb 20, 2013