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So I am finishing my two years at a major European bank on the Project Finance side. Think SocGec and the likes. Have a decent track record of transactions with mostly commodity background and some infrastructure acquisition deals. They offered me to stay on board as an associate.

On the other side, I have an offer to join a successful midsize (EUR 2-3bn) Fund of Funds. Invested mostly in PE funds in W. Europe & USA. They are expanding their infrastructure funds investment business and need a new associate. Basically I would have a chance to participate in full life cycle of a fund from fundraising to investing,
monitoring etc. as the infra team is currently very small. Money-wise it would probably be similar to my current gig, don't know yet about carry / co-investment options at my level.

Both locations are continental Europe.

Any advice / thoughts much appreciated!


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Jul 25, 2011


Jul 26, 2011