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Sorry for misleading you, but since now I have your attention, I can use some help.


I am in a serious dilemma, as I am trying to decide what's the best path to transition from tech consulting to PE/Pension Fund. Reaching out to ask especially the folks in Canada, what they would suggest based on their experience and the best way to acquire those skills to make the transition.


  • Senior Associate/Consultant at Big 4 in Canada. Focusing on tech strategy (data, analytics, AI).
  • 3 years out of school (promoted thrice)
  • Undergrad - Engineering (Data Science)

Available Options

  1. Masters Route - Got admission into LBS (Masters of Finance) and U of T (MFE)
  2. Internal Transfer - Option to transfer to internal Corporate Finance team in M&A. Spend 1 - 2 years, and network my way out.

I only have BB people in my network and they suggest taking the master's route, but a fair bit of people in the firm suggest doing the internal transfer.

The master's route definitely seems good but is cost-intensive, and the internal transfer definitely gives the experience but takes a fair bit of time.

I have already found a lot of good advice on different discussions on WSO, but really use could some help here.

Thanks in advance.


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