Career Path Question - Good path to work for a FoF/Endowment to get into later AM roles post MBA?

Hi all! Student looking to break into the asset management space for a long-term career (hopefully to become a fund manager/portfolio manager at some point). Looking at opportunities out of undergrad and notice that I may be able to position myself to work for an endowment/FoF. Would this be a good starting place pre-MBA that could allow me to get good AM exit opps?

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Oct 2, 2018

'It depends.'

You could definitely do worse, but if you have any other front office offer I'd say that would be a better choice. If you work for Yale's endowment and go to HBS (a common exit), then sure, you probably have a good shot. Other than that, it is very uncommon. Most exits are to investor relations / marketing roles as far as I can tell. In fact, aside from a couple old responses that I've read on this forum, I'm not sure I've ever personally seen even one person switch over from E&F to a buyside asset management or PE role.

A FoF doing direct deals with modeling experience would be your best bet in the E&F world IMO.

Oct 2, 2018

Thank you! What would you think about a small growth equity fund vs. a very large FoF? (10bn+ AUM)

Oct 2, 2018