Career shift, from healthcare to finance

It has been a while since I have thought in changing my career path, and the finance industry is in the spotlight. For obvious reasons it is a tough decision since I lack of the experience and knowledge. I am thinking of ways to do so, however, the most suitable for me seems to go into Bschool and get an MBA with a finance track, at the same time, work towards a CFA certification which will show future employers my interest in the field.

Beforehand, I appreciate your help and here's a little bit about myself.

I am a 23 year old male, I hold a Bachelor's of Science (and training in cytopathology) with little (2 years) of experience. Also, I'm a former medical student (3rd year dropout).
Since I moved to the states (3 years ago) I developed an interest in the financial markets after having exposure to it (I'm from Venezuela, free markets basically don't exist there). This has led me to read several books about finance, and take courses in financial modelling, excel and principles of investing.

At this point of my life, I'm craving professional growth, which is ambitious since this involves an industry change. Therefore, I have been researching ways of breaking into finance, apparently, going back to school (For an MBA) and becoming a CFA candidate would help me through this process, thus allowing me to land job in ER or IB.

However, there are certain factors that draw me back. The first one is not being able to attend to an ivy league bschool since I live in Wyoming (and have a 1 year contract with my current employer) and I dont count with the financial help of my parents. Therefore, the only option I have so far is to join the MBA finance track program that University of Wyoming offers and then, move back to Boston or NY. I am a hard worker and pick-up things easily which has allowed me to reach my goals so far.

Am I being delusional for thinking that I can make it into finance considering my background/opportunities? Or is there a possibility?

Thanks a lot.

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Nov 9, 2018