Career Suggestion reqd : Investment research vs Corporate finance

Hi all,

Please help me out with a career choice. I have with me two offers, both from leading firms in their own right. One is as an senior analyst in investment research with leading international bank and another is in corporate finance in one of biggest companies in india. I am confused as to which job to take. As of now the pay in corp fin is much higher compared to investment research. Adding more confusion is my clearing of cfa level 1 last december. I tried searching on google but did not find any comprehensive discussion on this topic.

My concern regarding the research analyst job is the number of hours one has to put and kind of repeating work one does. In this aspect corp fin looks much better (read lesser hours, better work environment) . But is a corp fin job lucrative in long run. I already have an mba from one of the leading schools in india.

Please post your views/ suggestions. It would help me a lot in taking the right decision.

thanks in advance,


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