Career switch: law to IB. How to make it happen?

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I'm a 2L (second year law student) and will be working at a top corporate firm this summer (think Skadden, Kirkland & Ellis, Latham & Watkins, Paul Weiss, etc.) doing M&A work. In all likelihood, this will result in an offer to return full time after graduation. However, I'm looking to transition into IB ASAP.

What's the best way to make this happen? I know that I probably won't be able to land a BB associate spot right out of law school because I don't have any pre-law school work experience. I've been reading Rosenbaum & Pearl and taking relevant classes at my law school's business school (not an M7, probably considered a semi-target).

Is it common for biglaw M&A attorneys to make the switch to IB after a few years on the job? Another issue I foresee is that I'll be working in a city with basically no IB presence, but a heavy PE/HF scene.

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Jan 23, 2019