Career Switching from Consulting/Tech to AM - MBA or MFin?

Hi everyone, first post on this forum after long term lurking.

Background : 4.5 years work exp across Europe & Asia - 3.5 in 2nd tier Strategy Consulting focused on FS (worked with AM's on some projects), one year experience at an early stage FinTech startup (markets focused, think neo bank/retail investing). Tried but didn't break into AM as an undergrad (didn't have the relevant internships, got knocked back in final rounds for direct undergrad hire) and decided to take the consulting route (mistake). Fast forward 4 years and I still find myself craving a career in AM (equity analyst >> PM route). I have substantial experience in personally investing in equities, bonds, real estate, alternatives.

Primary Goal: To break into AM as an equity analyst at a buy side shop, would also be open to taking the sell side Equity Research route at a BB (but hear this is a shrinking industry given reg). I am region agnostic and have no preference over working in Asia, London or the States, open to wherever I can make this happen.

Qualifications: 4 year business undergrad from a top 20 UK school (non target for AM), 730 GMAT, current CFA level I candidate.

Proposed Route: Apply to M7/LBS MBA Programmes, particularly Booth, Wharton, Columbia and LBS (given their Finance strength), complete CFA I and II in the meantime. Network like crazy to try and secure relevant buy side internships whilst on MBA programme and obtain an offer. Secondary option would be to try to break into sell side ER whilst on MBA programme

**Advice Needed: Is this route realistic? Should i be looking at MFin programmes rather than MBA's? **Given the perceived difficulty of this route, am I likely to fail in obtaining buy side internships and then struggle to land an ER role given there often is no structured recruiting into ER anyway? Am committed to following the route to AM if it is possible, and would also be open to doing MBA > IB (assuming CFA by then) >> Buy Side but I assume that would be an equally hard move to make from IB and not sure what the relevant skill overlap would be?

Would really appreciate some advice from those that are in the industry. I see very few MBA structured recruiting openings into investing AM positions (and those that have them will be uber competitive given I don't have previous AM exp), but I have a feeling I can make this happen with the right mix top tier MBA/network/CFA.

Thanks for the help!

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Mar 3, 2020