Career Transition from Corporate Development/Talent Strategy


I work at a bank in a major city in the Learning & Development/Talent Strategy arena. Things I have done in my career include consulting with senior leaders on Succession Planning, facilitating development for senior leaders, building and facilitating LDPs, mapping out job competencies, change management, consulting around compensation strategy/pjilosophy, instructional/graphic design, elearning development, etc. Basically all things related to talent development/engagement/retention/relations. I have a degree in business from a state school, ~10 years of experience in my field, a 780 in my GMAT, and am applying to Berkeley Haas and UCLA. I'm fairly confident I can get in and do well with their part-time MBA programs. Post MBA, what are my options? When I first got into school I had no idea about the world of finance and the world of MGMT consulting. I'm now married and really need to stick to a 40-50/hr work week.

I'm also looking for something with a much higher comp cieling than where I am now. My boss (who has 20+ years more experience than me) makes 180K base and 50K bonus and he is at the top end of what most people in my field make. I want to move to a role where, after earning proper experience, my total comp could exceed 300K.

Some of my strengths:

-I am a highly skilled presenter, speaker, influencer. I'm very comfortable with speaking in front of large groups and am very good at thinking on my feet. This is probably my biggest strength.

-I have very good quant skills. I am not a mathemetician, but when it comes to business analytics, I think of creative ways to illustrate impact, and can summarize them and display them in a way that tells a good story to non-analytical thinkers. Taught myself to write moderately complex VBA in excel, so 6/10 quant if that makes sense?

-A good amount of experience in all things human capital management.

What fields could I transition to post MBA that could give me the income potential (in due time) and work life balance I'm looking for? I don't have a finance background, but would be open to that as well if it's realistic at this point in my career.


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Feb 3, 2020