This is specific to Switzerland... The world trading unit of Cargill.
Lately Cargill-GE has downsized their floor from 800 to 450 (lay offs and staff put on early retirements).

  • New-Hiring is on the ice,
  • Total freeze on the Commercial Management Trainee Program this year.

-Additionally in the past years Cargill was sponsoring the admission of at least 3 to 5 undergrad at the Master of arts in international trading at UNIGE, but exceptionally they will not year I was told.

I let you speculate on the economic context behind these decisions BUT they are always ahead of the curve of something.

Cargill has been in Geneva since 1956.
The ultimate insider, producers, consumers, processors, transporters, operates at considerable advantage in trading commodities. Can any other trader in the world possibly know as much about these markets and trading as Cargill ? Has always been and will remain a big employer in the Lake Leman outside the banks and the boring NGOs.

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Not sure if it includes Europe, but Cargill has been trying to sell its energy business. I read that they were taking bids a few weeks ago after shopping it around in the summer. coincidence?

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Company as a whole has restructured, hiring still continues outside of Geneva (and they are still hiring within Geneva). CMT's will be hired in many geographies outside of Geneva, in general you should expect to do a number of years in a regional office before moving to Geneva which makes a lot of sense.

Plenty of companies have stopped/reduced sponsoring the UNIGE Masters, which has driven the change in structure this year.

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