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Hi all,

I have a case study interview coming up! - and just wanted to pick the brains of you lovely real estate people!

Strategic Advice-related.

The organisation in question is John Lewis  Partnership (UK) -  and my task is to explore opportunities in their property portfolio.

From what I can see, the firm mostly own their own properties  (freehold)  although recently completed a few sale & leasebacks.   

As department stores and the like continue to suffer due to  1) shift online and 2) covid impact  , it is putting pressure of the firm to make changes.

So far all I can really think of is conversion of top floor spaces into office space  to better utilise the property.   SLBs  may be more difficult as who would want to move into this space and what would they do with the cash.

The company are also looking to get into BTR to increase revenue streams - therefore I was thinking one avenue could be finding an investment/developer to form a JV to go out and develop sites with  mini stores beneath and resi on top - the firm own  a food retailer Waitrose also.

Any help -  I will never forget it  thank you in advance and promise to return as much as I can/know!


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  • Analyst 1 in RE - Comm
Oct 28, 2021 - 5:36am

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