cass msc investment management vs mcf sda bocconi? (pretty tough decision)

Hi all! I am facing a pretty tough dilemma. I have been accepted to both of these programms and i havven't managed to make a decision for about a month.

Few things about me..
-24y male greek
-Civil engineer trying to switch carrer field.(mostly interested in the buy side, PB,AM,HF etc)
-High quantitaive bachelor--> gmat 730 (q50 v 38)
-1 year work experience ( as an enginner) +1 year military duties so actually no work experience in finance
-planning to stay and work abroad after my master. (london ofc my first choice , although i am open to other european cities)

Pros and cons for each programm

+ location, better networking, specialized master in the field i am interested in, easier set up (lots of greeks in london and in cass)
-cost of life , weaker? brand name , limited job opportunities??

+ more general curriculum--> leaves more options for job seeking , better rankings , secured? internship( i am not really sure though) , i love italy+ easy to find a job there
- not sure if ti places well in london , am i underskilled for a post experience master? , all alone in this city

I would be glad to hear the thoughts of the community, and i would also like to know if my assumptios of the pros and cons of each university are valid. Unfortunately here in greece there are few people whom i can trust.

ps. it would be very helpful if you could tell me who should i pm to give me further asistance
Thank you all.

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Jun 3, 2015 - 9:46am

Hi Afaik - I hope some other people add in their two cents here....

So...I did a masters in Italy (Scuola Sup. Sant'anna) and then worked in consulting for two years pre-MBA. I wasn't in finance but I knew people and my firm recruited at Bocconi so I got to know some students there. As a general rule of thumb...recruiting opportunities and pay SUCK in Italy - almost as much as they suck in Greece (I would imagine). So put your Nike's on and start running the other way.

If you are trying to break into a finance role with no previous experience in finance you are at a disadvantage vis a vis your classmates who are using the masters to compliment their work experience IN finance.

Now you have been accepted to two VASTLY different is in corporate finance and the other focuses on investment management. Since you don't have any background in finance...frankly getting an internship and then a job in corp fin is going to be A LOT easier than getting into investment management. If you were to go to Bocconi and land an internship in corp would probably need to move to London afterwards or go back to Greece. Going to Cass I think will give you an advantage for internship and job opportunities in London - but then again I question whether getting into IM is going to be that easy.

Here is a linkedin group of Cass IM people. Start looking at their profiles and reaching out to the group and individuals. Ask them what they think about breaking into the industry with the Cass experience and degree.…

Good Luck

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Jun 5, 2015 - 7:56am

Ut laudantium quas laudantium est quo. Aut quas temporibus et quidem nesciunt. Culpa eum ullam enim praesentium numquam ipsa.

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