Casual Intro call?

Hey everyone,

I've got a call coming up with a senior analyst at a MM shop tomorrow morning. He says it's just introductory and casual, but I want to be as best prepared as possible since he's very involved with recruitment.

The call is coming up so soon - how would you prepare if you were me? I don't think he'll ask many technicals, so what kinds of questions do you think I should focus on preparing answers for?

For reference, he's a college friend of someone I used to work with so that's how I got his contact info. I'm about 6 months out of grad school, and I'm working in a pretty unrelated role but it is transaction oriented (something similar to TAS at a big 4).

Should I get my 'story' polished and prep for experience related questions or should I expect more of a casual "buddy" conversation (sports, etc.)

Thanks for your help.

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Jan 8, 2019

Better safe than sorry right? Definitely polish your story and answers to behavioral questions and brush up on basic technicals. I think reading through to interview prep guides you find online will be sufficient

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Jan 8, 2019

Polish your story for sure, and equally as important is asking GOOD questions.

99/100 People
1. Love talking about themselves and their experience
2. Are willing to help people that take initiative
3. Are even more willing to help people that remind them of themselves

Do they like sports? Do they have hobbies? Do you share the same interests outside of work?
If so, I'd bring the topic up casually/briefly and be able to parlay the conversation back into what you want to get out of it.

Don't bore them with only IB questions - they spend enough time talking about work while they are at work.

End with an "ask". What do you really want out of the conversation/relationship? Ask for it.

Don't make them leave the convo feeling like they just spent 30min of their time educating you on what investment banking is.

Good luck

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Jan 10, 2019