Casual meeting with BB analyst?

Hello everyone, I'm a freshman and I got an email asking if anyone in a club I'm in was interested in a few opportunities at his bank. The emailer was an alumnus from my school and I emailed him back about the application, and he said we can connect one of these days. I emailed him back a list of times I'm free and he said let's talk about why he went into sales and trading and his bank in general.

My question is, is this a casual Skype chat or should I dress and act as if this was an interview? There is an application for the position I'm looking at I still need to fill out, and he originally said to email him if we were interested, but then he said to email him again if I was interested in anything else about his bank or S&T in general, which led to this upcoming meeting. I'm entirely sure where this was going. What can I expect from this?

Thanks in advance everyone.

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Sep 24, 2014

Are you going to meet him in person as an informational/networking opp or are you actually applying for a position? As a freshman I'm assuming you're a few weeks into college so there probably aren't a ton of actual positions open to you so it's probably a good chance to talk to a guy and start networking. If you meet him throw the monkey suit on. If not, talk to him on the phone. The last thing I want to do as an employer is Skype.

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Sep 24, 2014

Well considering my university isn't close to NY, I just assumed it was going to be Skype. If it was over the phone, that would help a lot. I was just wondering how formal I should treat the thing, to be honest.

And yeah, you're right. I should've been clearer: it's not for an actual position. His email and corresponding application was just for a 2 day S&T program at the BB specifically for freshmen. I am planning on filling out the application very shortly though.

Thanks for the advice though.

Sep 24, 2014

Didn't mean to sound snarky. Just talk to the guy. Brush up on finance stuff but he knows you're 18/19. I regularly have calls with college guys where if they knew the benefits and ins and outs of mezzanine debt termsI'd be shocked.

Sep 24, 2014