CBRE/JLL/C&W by Chance. Advice on navigating path?

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From banking (4 years), to for-profit international affairs (2 years - Central Americas), to the nonprofit arts rhelm (4 years) the opportunity to join the Capital Markets division at one of the big CRE firms presented itself through my network. Specifically, with a brokerage team tackling institutional office deals.

1.5 years later, the capacity clearly does not graduate into a producer role or anything "executive" which is the only reason I would have ever gone back to a corporate machine. The reason it took 3 quarters to come to that realization is another post.

Looking for guidance and insight on how best to navigate from here.

Late 20's, business administration major from a small liberal arts college and a community where pedigree is present but by no means boasted (unlike my current workplace). Laugh if you will but any of this "stuff" I've not been taught this last year can be teached if the right leadership is in place and the one wanting to learn is hungry (like me). However, my entire career I've "self taught myself" much of my skillset but am in a rut in how to approach tools like ARGUS, etc.

Currently I am:

-networking/lunching with other team leads to gather insight and put myself in front of them for future opportunities
-networking/lunching with "new CRE friends" I've crossed in social circles to gather insight and again put myself in front of them for future opportunities
-gathering advise on how to tackle learning ARGUS and valuation modeling
-had my title changed to Capital Markets Operations Analyst from Client Services Specialist (aka glorified secretary... NOT client facing. I'm salty about it if you hadn't noticed)
-being very open and reminding my current team about initial importance of path and growth
-looking for insight and the opportunity to pick all of WSO's brain.

Looking forward to all the while bracing myself for your responses,


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Jan 31,2018