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My questions are related to Europe and sorry for the long text.

I have a goal of getting into the consulting industry in western Europe, but I also want experience in Asia. I was offered an MSc place at LSE this fall but did not receive funding so I can't take up the offer. For various reasons, I am determined to start a programme this fall, which leaves me to attending the Norwegian School of Economics and their CEMS MiM programme.

The idea is to pursue this double degree and go on an exchange at a top place in Asia like Tsinghua or NUS, plus the internship. I have done my bachelors in the UK at a top 5-6 school and it would be nice to broaden my horizons with the CEMS degree.

I know 2 Nordic languages + some German and fluent in Hungarian (lol). Previously I also did an internship at a tech firm, think (Google, Facebook, Amazon).

Ultimately I wonder if the CEMS path is valuable and if it would give me a shot at the top consulting firms? Also, since my "homeschool" would not be e.g. LSE, is this a big negative?

Any insights from this community are highly appreciated, I did not know where else to ask!

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Jun 18, 2017

CEMS is different, how "cool" is it depends on the schools where you will study, obviously hec/st gallen/lse/etc. are a lot cooler than abstract SGH Warsaw School of Economics/UCD Michael Smurfit and your home uni is like somwhere in between but closer to second list judging by linkedin (no MBB in top recruiters), if I were you I would try to get in one of the top european schools during your studies to get some OCR, Tsinghua wont get you that much of bonus points in western europe, maybe hkust is better but also arguable. And frankly speaking wtf is wrong with this gap in prestige lvl between your schools, why didnt you apply to other ones if it was foreseeable that without financial help you wont go to lse? E.g. you could have applied to SSE/St Gallen they are virtually free for EU citizens.

Jun 18, 2017

@JoeSixpack said it all. Nothing to add here. His analysis of your situation is on point.

If I were you, here's what I'd do:
Complete this Norwegian CEMS MiM with the very best of my efforts and give it all I have :
- I'd do everything in my power to skyrocket the GPA;
- I'd try to compete to get the best CEMS semester exchanges at the most prestigeous schools (regardless of your career goals);
- I'd be very active in pursuing highly regarded internship positions.

After completing in the best possible way your CEMS MiM degree, a very good option for you would be to apply to:
- LSE Msc in Strategy;
- HEC Msc in Strategic Management
Both 1 year programs (it goes quickly), both non-MIM (no repetitive curriculum), both target programs for MBB consulting in Western Europe

Good luck.
Don't hesitate if you have any other question.

But please do me a favor, give this current Norway-based CEMS MiM 200% of your dedication.

Jun 20, 2017

Second MSc is an arguable moove, if he at least makes it in second tier consulting its kinda useless, there is always Insead for MBA if he will feell a need for another degree

Jun 19, 2017

I highly appreciate the help you have given me. I know my situation may not be ideal, but your comments have motivated me to still consider this as a decent opportunity for me!

Jun 21, 2017

I might add that I have the possibility to do a double Msc with Mannheim, which according to this forum is pretty well regarded in Europe. I would graduate with their Msc in Management which is ranked quite well. Any thoughts, possible route for me? @JoeSixpack and @Starfall?

Jun 25, 2017

Hey mark-good, went to NHH and know the recruiting field(especially consulting), as well as the DD and CEMS track very well, feel free to pm me with questions(havent got enough cred here to do it myself)

Jun 25, 2017

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Jun 26, 2017