Centerview Partners, Oddo et Cie and Moelis - SUPER MEGA DEALS

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I was just looking at the 2008 worlwide completed M&A deal league table...and came across these three shops: Centerview Partners, Oddo et Cie and Moelis. Man, they've done some mega deals in 2008!

(in $mm)
1. Oddo et Cie
-Total M&A value: 75,305
-No. of deals: 2
-Avg deal size: 37,653 (WTF?!)

  1. Centerview Partners
    -Total M&A value: 179,835
    -No. of deals: 10
    -Avg deal size: 17,984 (!)
  2. Moelis
    -Total M&A value: 83,092
    -No. of deals: 10
    -Avg deal size: 8,309

Just as a reference point

JP Morgan
-Total M&A value: 898,206
-No. of deals: 353
-Avg deal size: 2,544

Goldman Sachs
-Total M&A value: 780,969
-No. of deals: 309
-Avg deal size: 2,527

Morgan Stanley
-Total M&A value: 598,577
-No. of deals: 298
-Avg deal size: 2,009

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Mar 16, 2009

The problem with it, is that no matter how small an involvement, full-league table credit is guaranteed. They are nowhere insight on the imputed fees table. Personally, I'd rather get paid loads by being the sole advisor to a small client, rather than be on the fringes of meda-deals.

Just my 2c.

Just my 2c.

Mar 18, 2009


Mar 18, 2009