Certified Users who are actually in the industry, help!

I'm realizing how dumb it is to go CC. All my pals are at college and had such a fun weekend. I was thinking, in the end I just want to go to an nice 4 year where I can get away, have fun but also have good job opportunities. All I see around me are college graduates who are having trouble finding a job and I'm very worried. I was thinking about taking a gap year, working FT and then applying as a Freshman to some 4 year colleges that are out of state. At this point, I know I cant get into a semi target which is ok! I can just prove myself, network hard and hustle my first day on campus. With CC, I can transfer to a semi target (which is hard enough) and I'll be late to the game you know? Is this a good path? I am actually slightly happier with this decision. My family is also diverging so I need to take care of my self and have something to fall back on. I can go more indepth but it would have to be private.

Thank you all so much as always!

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Aug 20, 2017
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