I'm currently an engineering student looking to get an IB analyst job straight out of undergrad. Would it be worth it to look at doing the CFA level 1 the summer after my third year? Would it help my chances or would I still stand a good chance without it? Any other recommendations are appreciated.


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Are you eligible? My understanding was that you needed 4 years of relevant job experience, some of which could be waived with coursework, but after junior year, that wouldn't hit 3 years regardless.

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You can take L1 in your final year of college.


It won't hurt. However you need to balance your time wisely and decide if you will get more out of 200 hours of studying or 200 hours of networking.

What year are you? If you can get a relevant internship....even if with a small part time position in your town...it will probably go further for banking than CFA work will. If you are looking more into financial analysis roles (Corp. Treasury, Equity Research, etc) things begin to shift more in favor of the CFA.


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