CFA Level 1 & Opportunities?

Hey everyone,

Was wondering if anyone could shed some light into their own personal experiences after passing L1 and if it opened up some new opportunities for you? Did you have direct experience prior, etc? Currently studying for L1, and even though it would definitely be a plus in my current role (credit analyst at regional bank), ideally I am hoping it opens some door into asset management.


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May 12, 2020 - 8:22pm

Impressed some people like my mentor (random because he said the smartest kid he knew failed his first time) and only a few colleagues that (regional wealth management UK)

talked to a PE guy and he didnt even know what it was. another private markets director told me no one cares about professional exams - people care about your deal experience.

I dont know if it got me any interviews but I am 100% sure it wasn't the reason of me being rejected. It's not a golden ticket. No one will give you a job because you cleared L1 but they may take you more serious because of it and it gives you the opportunity to network.

Also take note that I come from a non-target with no strong direct exp. I think thats even better because you can see the benefits of L1 clearer whereas with a target kid you may wonder which one helped more - L1 or name of uni.

I did it as an undergrad so it will help a lot if I decide to apply for masters. I can show up to rigorous schools and give them this as proof that I can handle lots of studying. Shows proactiveness for companies too - average age of the test taker is about 27 from what I recall.

RE: Knowledge. It certainly helped fill gaps that I had from my undergrad and I understand accounting a lot better now. It gave me a confidence boost to know that whatever I want, if I put in enough time I can do it. I plan to complete the program and I believe more opportunities open up after Level II and some work experience (which it sounds that you will have - Credit analysis is cool!).

there are lots of similar topics on the CFA subreddit or even r/FinancialCareers.

hope i didn't get too off-topic, if you have any other specific questions let me know.

advice? you said you are studying for it so instead of researching, smash the exam this December and let us know a few months later whether it helped you a lot or not. you can do it!! :)

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May 12, 2020 - 9:32pm

i also want to add the sentimental stuff. maybe its stupid but:

  • i remember exactly what i was wearing on exam day and every time i put that t-shirt on I feel good and I remember the experience
  • i studied on my own and there was no one I could discuss it with. so seeing everyone revise with friends or talk on the phone during the break at ExCeL Centre in London made me really really happy.
  • i had a hard time selling my Kaplan materials because it just meant a lot to me.

Also, I trust the CFA Institute and I hope they maintain the same difficulty and relatively low pass rates. I hope the new digital format isn't too easy...

PS this is the stockholm syndrome people talk about. they abuse you but you love it.

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