CFA Level 1 Study Partner in London (December 2017)

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Hi, all I am Looking for a study partner(s) for CFA level 1 December 2017 exam within London.

Info about me:
Age: 29
Currently working in the London (Financial Services )
Got all of the CFA Insitute study materials, plus tonnes of study materials which I am willing to share

The plan is to meet up every Saturday or Sunday for 2/3 hours to share notes/concepts and Q&A
Preferable location Canary Wharf but can do the City too (Google campus perhaps?)


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Jun 10, 2017

I am here... we can connect. Please send me your email. I am also preparing for december

Jun 11, 2017

Hi, I'm also in London! I'm a 21 year old final year student, looking to take the December 2017 exam. Can do Canary Wharf/ Central?

Jul 11, 2017