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Just wanted to get some opinions on whether it makes sense to put CFA Level II candidate on the Resume ... The idea is to give an indication that I am pursuing CFA and preparing for Level II exams in June (cleared CFA Level 1 in December 09).

I do have MBA in Finance but from a second tier B - School (graduated 2007) and right now work as a consultant for a small financial software firm in the derivatives / risk management space. I would like to get in to the Asset Management / Alternative Investments (work with derivatives Fixed Income, FX and Commodities asset classes) in the near future..

Any opinion would be most appreciated.



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Duh, since you went to a crap b-school, that's probably going to be the only thing on your resume that shows them you are anywhere near intelligent.

Financial Modeling


FutureBanker is right

I wouldn't have said it in those exact words though lol. I didn't go to a target school either which is fine. There are alot of people that go to Targets and still don't make the cut. Take a modeling/valuation course. Get your entire CFA certification. Take the series 7 prep course. That will at least show interviewers that you have invested time and money into your career. Make sure you take live courses thought. Yes they cost like twice as much as the self study or online courses but if you kick ass, Im sure your instructor won't mind being a reference on your CV. And always network!

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