Chances for UT BHP, Wharton, Berkeley, Ross, Stanford, Georgetown, Columbia?

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Background: I am first gen Indian male in Texas. I go to a very good private school. My parents are divorced, but I am not close to qualifying for Financial Aid. I have strong relationships with all my teachers. I think/hope I can write fairly well for the essays.
Stats: 3.9 unweighted GPA. 4.3 Weighted GPA (my school doesn't let us take APs until junior year and only 3/year.) I take rigorous courses, think I will get 4s or 5s on all AP tests. 1540 SAT, (740 r/W, 800 M) , plan to take Math II subject test, Physics subject test, Spanish (highest level) test, and maybe literature subject test.
ECs: Very invested in school's Newspaper which is one of the best in the country and best in the state, and next year I should have a top 1-5 position on staff. Been nominated for and won national awards for my newspaper writing. 400+ community service hours. Presidential Bronze Medal for Com Serv Freshman year and Gold Medal Sophomore year, on track for Gold this year. I am also a WalkSTEM junior docent, a program that is dedicated to teaching STEM to underprivileged kids. Play tennis at school. National Spanish Honors Society. Started sports analysis club, not for resume, just a passion of mine. VP of marketing club, Secretary of Writing Club, secretary of Entrepreneurship Club. VP of premed society. Next year I will be VP of Investment Club. Secretary of Student Alumni Association, Co-Pres of Writing Club. Started a blog where I review new music. I'm somewhat of a music nut and I often stay up for new album releases and stuff like that. I have a decent amount of followers on Instagram. For things over the summer, I attended two business programs after Freshman year and after Sophomore year, and for this summer, I plan to intern at a Law Firm or Business Firm. I will also get a job. I also sell shoes and clothing, a personal business that I have made over 2000$ from.
Basically I'm wondering in which order I should consider all of these programs. For me, I want to ideally work in the west coast, but Northeast isn't too far behind. I also want to have fun in college and not be struggling in school all the time, and I also like the liberal arts aspect of education, so I might major in Economics.

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Jan 5, 2019


Jan 5, 2019

Hey thanks for your reply. Kinda surprised that you put UT above Stanford. What's the reasoning behind that? Also, what would you say are my chances at each of these schools?

Jan 6, 2019

UT is not above Stanford.

It's more like

Stanford = Wharton
Ross = Georgetown = Berkeley
UT BHP (move up 1 if you want to work in Texas)

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Jan 6, 2019

I don't think Stanford focuses as much on IB / Wall Street

BHP is very competitive. The average SAT and class rank are just below 1490 and better than top 2%. Placement is 100%. OCR and. Alumni network for IB is quite good

Jan 6, 2019

for west coast i'd add ucla and usc. i'd also personally go uva mcintire > michigan ross

Jan 6, 2019

Look for target school threads for more detailed info on schools. Go to reddit to chance yourself.

Jan 7, 2019

Thanks for the advice! Which schools would be my "target schools?"

Jan 9, 2019

Target schools = where investment banks and wall street firms actively recruit.

Relevant Links:
These are just wall street specific rankings of schools. To give you an idea, HYP and Wharton are usually considered the most prestigious, followed by Columbia, Dartmouth etc.

As I said, go to reddit and other college specific forums to chance yourself. And if you go to a reputed and competitive high school, you should have some idea as to where you will be a competitive applicant.

Jan 7, 2019

Background: I am first gen Indian male living in Texas. My school (private school) is ranked the best in the state and top 5-10 in the nation. My parents are divorced, but I am not close to qualifying for Financial Aid.

Way too specific dude. You go to St. Mark's and it would be very easy for anyone else in your class/school to identify you on here.

Jan 7, 2019

I second this. Edit your post and make the extracurriculars more vague, this is way too specific

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Jan 7, 2019