Chances of getting a decent ER or IBD job

Hello! I wanted to ask for opinions on where you all think I could end up if I network and work hard (ideally Chicago or Houston) I'm a little late to the game (sophomore in junior standing) figuring out I want to do specifically ER, but IBD if necessary. I go to a non target midwest state school and hold a 3.54 GPA right now, but it should be a 3.65 by graduation. I have no work experience but am hoping to have two internships by graduation. I have extensive leadership experience and volunteering experience. I also plan of going for my masters, but am still deciding if I will do it at the state school or go for something a bit more prestigious but cost efficient. I'm truly not sure where my potential is to get into ER or what steps I need to take. Ideally I could get into a top MM in the midwest or an elite boutique. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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