Chances of getting into IVEY HBA or Queens Commerce Transfer for Third Year

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I am about to be entering my second year at Schulich school of business, but am starting to have a few doubts about whether I'll be able to attain my investment banking ambitions here. My goal is to break into Wall street... I'm curious about how many second year non-AEO/Queens students get accepted into Ivey/Queens Comm for third year, and if the fact that I am already enrolled in a b-school will hinder/help my chances.My grades/clubs/work experience are as follows:

-About 75% average first year (fucked up terribly in my electives and playing on the varsity basketball team for first semester definitely did not help out my grades), but I am very confident I can get my average up to 80 this year

  • Currently working as an underwriter assistant (full-time) at Chubb Insurance on a summer contract

-Was on the York Finance Club in first year. Plan on becoming an executive of the club this year and joining the York Investment Fund

-Also I have been trading equities (planning on dabbling with other asset classes soon hopefully) for about 8 months now. Also have some experience creating DCF models for large cap companies, forecasting topline growth, and using CAPM to come up with discount rates, etc.. Generally just have an intense passion for how markets work and corporate finance in general. Will including these kind of things help boast my application??

Also if someone could let me know If they look at your complete second year marks and what the applications entail, that would be awesome!


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Jul 20, 2016