Chances of Landing SA Position (Non-target, Non-finance)

I want to know realistically what my chances of are of landing a summer analyst spot at a BB or EB my junior year summer. I'm a sophomore at a non-target state university and am majoring in a STEM field. The reason I chose my school was because I got into a very selective program and also because of financial reasons. I've taught myself Excel and modeling, am a member in a selective investment club, president of another finance-related club, and I have an internship lined up at a small boutique IB summer after sophomore year. My only problem apart from my school is my GPA, which will be a 3.6 best case, but realistically 3.5 by end of sophomore fall. I took hard science classes my freshman year and wasn't fully prepared for them. I have really great test scores(perfect ACT/SAT), but I don't know if that will make up for my school and grades. Should I even bother networking at this point or am I screwed?

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Oct 13, 2021 - 9:46pm

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