Chances of moving from PWM or S&T to ER?

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Hi everyone,

I have recently met a few people from S&T and PWM. They have a really good impression on me and I guess I have decent chance getting an interview at these two departments. However, my ultimate goal is working at a more analytical role (like ER/maybe investing at the PWM arm). How likely can I move to ER if I started in these two departments? What are the exit opps besides sales?

Many thanks!

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Oct 20, 2014

??? this is ridiculous. just apply to the department you're most interested in

Oct 20, 2014

read my blogs on PWM. if it's a big firm, true investing roles are few & far between unless you want to be a producer, it's mostly smoke & mirrors. also exit opps are terrible.

from my casual observations of what others have said, s&t interacts with ER daily so that may be a better move. although if you're qualified to get a bb st interview, you should try for ER straightaway.

Oct 21, 2014