Chances to get into SSE BSc 2020?

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Hey guys, how would you estimate my chances to get into the SSE's Business and Economics 2020 program? I'm afraid my chances aren't too good; not because of my profile, but because on their website it says that they just offer a few places for 2020 high school graduates. I need to submit my grades in January and I'll be 17 years old when the program starts (turning 18 at the end of novembre). Do they even want students from abroad who are that young?

My profile:
- 16 year old high school student from Germany
- 3.6 GPA; since I wanted to study Computer Science before I didn't study for school last year and instead did a lot of programing; now, where I want to go to SSE, I'll invest more time into exam prep etc and I'll probably get around 3.9 and finish with 3.8/3.7 in total. Unfortunately, SSE will only see the better grades from an inofficial 'predicted' list by my teachers. Will they then even believe that I got so much better?
- English: 4.0 GPA, Math 3.3
- got 1350 on my first practice SAT, guess my final score will be 1400 or better

Extracurricular activities:
- I'm pretty good at programming
- I'm very interested in economics and I read a lot of books about it
- I started a small 'company' with friends - once every month we rent a night club in our city, buy drinks on comission, hire security + Bar workers + DJ and then do a party for +16 year old people (they're allowed to drink alcohol in GER) - monthly revenue around 6000EU, profit 4000EU with little to no work. (I guess some entrepreneurial spirit ain't bad)

What do you think? If I don't get in, what are the best alternatives for working in London? RSM? Mannheim? Copenhagen?

I'd appreciate help!

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Aug 29, 2019