Checking References/background

This is purely a hypothetical situation...but I need an objective answer free of any morality.

Say, a person is applying to FT to MBB. For the summer between Jr and Sr years, he/she had an internship that was completely irrelevant to consulting or even business (think researching, architect shadowing, whatever). If this person were to lie on their resume and write something else such as an amazing volunteering experience and had references to back it up, would he/she be able to get through? Is there any way of getting caught, by say, checking work history through social security number or anything?

For the sake of argument, assume that rest of the resume has your typical leadership/involvement EC's.

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Jul 31, 2007

1) Are you asking whether or not a BB firm is smart enough to find out whether or not you lied on your resume?

2) If you lie about your volunteer services, what references are you going to provide? - Will you pay someone to wait by a phone FT between the months of September and January just to answer phone calls from potential employers doing channel checks? Also, to accompany the false volunteer work, you need to make up fake stories about your activities.

3) False extracurriculars aside, any firm that hires you is probably going to run a background check, credit check on you AS WELL AS CHECK YOUR FOR PISS YOUR HEAVY MARIJUANA USAGE.

4) I doubt that a question this stupid and thoughtlessly proposed is NOT a real situation that you have either already put into action and are now regretting and or are actually thinking that you will get away with.

Please don't post anything of this nature again without first refilling your adderall prescription.

Jul 31, 2007

look, I know this is a little stupid and not to mention, immoral. But I just need an opinion.

To answer your questions:
1) not a BB firm, but McK/BCG/Bain.
2) what if the person knows a higher-up in a reputable NGO?
3) drugs are not an issue, neither is a credit check.
4) again, this is probably stupid, maybe enough to get the applicant blacklisted.

Jul 31, 2007