Chicago Booth vs. Dartmouth Tuck for IB / S&T

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Hey guys,

I have a decision between these two schools - currently undecided. Here are my initial thoughts. I am pursuing IB (but not completely shutting the door on S&T in case I don't pursue after the internship). Location (open-minded) and money (none from either) isn't an issue:

  1. Brand: Booth appears to have a better one, both in general and especially in finance.
  2. Network: Tuck's is smaller, but MUCH stronger.
  3. Ranking: Booth (but it looks pretty close). I noticed that Tuck isn't considered an M7 (but is usually ranked higher than CBS and even Kellogg/Sloan). P&Q's aggregate ranking had Booth % points behind HBS/GSB at #3, Tuck was #5 (larger gap).
  4. Recruiting: Companies across the entire financial services industry recruit heavily at Booth. Tuck has a strong presence in IB/S&T recruiting, but not sure about anything else (if I end up pursuing IM or something else)
  5. Recruiting spots: Looks easier at Tuck: 7 students might be fighting for 3 IB spots vs 25 students for 5 spots @ Booth
  6. Mid-career outlook and beyond: Unclear. If I want to move up the corporate ladder, will one degree open doors that the other might not?

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!

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Apr 6, 2012

Do you want to live in Chicago or do you want to live in a rural area and have open access to Boston and NYC? For me it was Columbia or Tuck but got admitted early to Columbia and never looked back. YMMV but I'd go Tuck.

Apr 6, 2012

tuck, cuz michael corleone went to dartmouth!

Apr 6, 2012

no brainer here - definitely go with Booth - strong finance recruiting like you said and IB recruiting is much less susceptible to swings in the markets - the ibanks will always recruit here and have a certain allocation of spots relative to the greater fluctuation at Tuck. i dont know about the relative competition level - but if you do the recruiting circuit here (networking and the events) you are almost guaranteed interviews at the bulge brackets and at many of the boutiques as well

S&T is very strong here as well - and the more quant reputation definitely helps in availability / posting of these jobs. Also, in case you want to stay in the Chicago area - can't beat Booth.

Since money is not a factor, absent a large personal preference - go with Booth

disclaimer: i go to Booth.

Apr 6, 2012

I've only met with a bunch of alums from both schools, so this is second hand details, but I will say my understanding/experience is that Tuck has an UNHUMAN buy side network for its size (PE, HF). And talk about an incestuous network, they really go out of their way to pick Tuckies...

Otherwise, I think Booth would be better if you wanted to stay in IB/S&T.


Apr 6, 2012

id talk to alums from both schools and also visit before making your decision. Both great schools but vastly different cultures. I was choosing between kellogg and booth and picked kellogg for the culture, albeit Booth's stronger finance program.

At the end of the day, both place very well in finance, both buy and sell side, you can't go wrong. At this point it's more about fit, you should want to have a strong fit with your classmates as they will be important to your career network as you move around post b-school life.

good luck.

Apr 7, 2012

might want to figure out first if you want to do ibd or s&t -- very different beasts with very different things you should be looking at but i concur on bankings pro tuck comments

Apr 7, 2012