China vs US -- Perfect set-up for a war? Economic war or... maybe more?

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Inhale the toxic air in almost any city and its clear why wealthy Chinese are fleeing.

Yet, testifying to China's creative energy are the fleets of emerald, blue and fluorescent orange bicycles that have overrun the same cities in a matter of months as multiple startups have jumped into a bike-sharing business powered by smartphone apps.

China is choking to death; China is vibrant. Both are true. Washington's challenge is to make sense of these contradictions, and steer a policy course that avoids the extremes of capitulation and reckless belligerence.

Only someone who's been living under a rock can't feel the pressure coming from China. Or tension. Or whatever you want to call it.

The Chinese economy's meteoric rise in recent years is probably going to be for the benefit of everyone -- no one really loses out in having better technology lying around on Earth. But of course, with differing ideologies and struggles for power, the big elephant in the political landscape has been screaming for a China vs US showdown. Now, the bigger questions left unanswered behind this topic are slowly rearing their ugly faces lately. Namely,

  1. What industries do you think China will grow very strong (and completely dominate) in within the next couple of years? What industries do you think they will not perform as well in?
  2. Will developing countries soon look at China as the ideal growth model?
  3. Will North Korea serve as the catalyst for a new war? And in the aftermath, will North Korea finally fall? (Which will be to the benefit of literally everyone)