Choosing a Role: MM Acquisitions vs Megafund Asset Management

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I currently work as a RE investment analyst at an institutional shop and am making the move to an opportunistic fund. Currently I have 2 options and having a lot of trouble choosing which is best:

  • Acquisitions analyst at a ~5bn AUM firm looking mostly at single asset acquisitions, sector agnostic
  • Asset management analyst at a top 5 firm, managing & growing recent platform acquisitions, mainly residential and hospitality

My thinking is that for the second role, I'd learn a new skill set (AM) while still getting a fair bit of exposure to deal underwriting, and the firm brand is a lot stronger. On the flip-side the acquisitions role would have me see a wider range of asset types, and the pay is ~1.3x higher. I can't really evaluate the two objectively though, as I've never worked in an asset management role.

Would anyone with experience or knowledge of asset management roles in megafunds be able to share their experience? And more generally, which offer makes the most sense to you guys?

Thanks in advance for any insights

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Mar 12, 2019

Hey heedi0, I'm here because nobody responded to this thread after a few days...maybe one of these resources will help you:

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Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

Mar 18, 2019