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Looking for some advice to choose between two corporate strategy offers at F500 companies on the West Coast. Both are at the Senior Manager level. I'm looking to be challenged - which of these is the better choice for someone who is still learning to play the corporate game?

1. Industry: networking hardware and services. Role is in a structured Strategy department led by a CSO reporting to the CEO. This particular industry niche is stagnant - the company is basically the only player in its space. Classic legacy "old-tech". At-market compensation.

2. Industry: retail stock brokerage. These guys have a decentralized strategy function, with strategy staff assigned to each of its ~10 BUs. In my BU it would only be me and my manager reporting to the BU GM. Growing company in a growing industry (aging population and a bull market have made these guys fat and happy). Above market compensation, 20% higher than offer #1.

#1 offers higher-level visibility, structure and teamwork (and the learning opportunities that go with teamwork). #2 offers more money in an industry that is continuing to grow and innovate, with potentially more exciting strategy issues.

Which should I take?

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Aug 19, 2014 - 1:40pm
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