Choosing between Internship Offers

Some advice would be great!  I've recently been fortunate enough to get 3 internship offers (so far) for Summer 2021, but am struggling to decide on which one is best for my career.

To give a bit of context, I'm a sophomore pursuing a Math+CS and Finance dual degree at a Top CS school (semi-target for finance) hoping to work as a quant out of college.

The offers are:

Amazon (Software Engineering Intern) - Boston


  • FAANG on the resume
  • Typically fairly interesting dev work
  • Pay (~10K/month with relocation)
  • Would teach me loads about building enterprise-scale software


  • Poor work culture/long hours (not IB hours so it's not so bad)
  • Would need to relocate (though that's not a huge deal given the offer).
  • Likely wouldn't have much responsibility/impact on the company
  • Purely software dev role
  • May be virtual

Rally Health (Backend Engineering Intern) - Chicago


  • I really like the team I'd be placed with & the product I'd be working on
  • Pay ($30 / hr)
  • Great company culture
  • Hybrid


  • Amazon pays more & for similar work
  • Purely software dev, no real analytical work

Small Prop Trading Firm (Quant Developer Intern) - Chicago


  • Interesting work
    • I'd be working to implement strategies/have an active role in developing new models
  • Chicago Location
  • Small Company atmosphere
  • In-person
  • Direct mentorship from traders & managing director


  • Substantially lower pay than the other offers ($3K / month)
  • Not that well known of a company

I've heard conflicting advice from family members/friends, so I thought I'd ask WSO since I've been a long time lurker of the forum.

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  • Works at Citadel Investment Group
Feb 3, 2021 - 7:39pm

Definitely take Amazon. If you decide you'd rather work at a quant firm, having Amazon on your resume would help you get interviews next summer (if you're a sophomore / freshman) or full time (if you're a junior). Name brand is a huge thing

Feb 3, 2021 - 7:57pm

Is this the case for quant research/strategy positions as well?  My worry is that if I start in software, I'd end up pigeonholed in that position in the eyes of quant firms.  Not that there's anything wrong with SWE/Quant Development, but the end goal is to work on alpha generation-building strategies/pricing models.

  • Works at Citadel Investment Group
Feb 3, 2021 - 9:25pm

What year are you? If you are a sophomore or freshman, you have nothing to worry about with regards to getting pigeonholed. If this is for your junior year internship, you could make an argument for the small prop shop, especially if you could see yourself working at that firm after graduation, but it still is not a straightforward decision.

Feb 3, 2021 - 9:29pm

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