Choosing between very different offers

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I've lucked out recently and received three offers for opportunities after graduation in May. My only problem right now is that they all are pretty different and I'm not sure which to pick.

The first is an FLDP type program at a F500 (insurance co.) where I'd do three year-long rotations that would be in more finance related roles (Corp. Dev, FP&A, Investments). The second is another rotational program, but at a regional commercial bank. It has 6 months of credit training before a year of rotations. The third is for an equity analyst position at a wealth management firm that has an in-house research team that actively manages about $1B in assets.

All three career paths sound interesting to me, but I know that I want to be in the best position to start off my career. I'm leaning toward the equity analyst position at the moment, but I'd love to hear any input that you guys might have. Pay for all three positions are roughly the same.

Also, for a bit more background on me: Finance major at a Big 10 school with a 3.5 gpa. PE internship (with no full-time opportunities). Just passed Level I of the CFA program in December.


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Jan 30, 2019