Anyone know anything about this company, what they do etc? I read a little on vault about them and an analyst submitted a survey saying he/she received 60k base 10k signing and 20k bonus at end of 4 months and 70k bonus for first full year and that was in the leverage/corporate finance group. Can anyone confirm that or speak about hours culture?

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I know a few people who work there. It's a very reputable name to a lot of large corporations and work closely with many ibanks. They are a very large lending/financing firm dealing with a lot of F500 companies. From what I know a lot of their lending is to large equip co's. They recently opened an investment banking arm a few years back. I know someone who works in their M&A division and seems to be busy with dealflow (mainly healthcare). I also believe there have been a few internal shake ups and less-than-perfect performances in the past few years, including a few layoffs (like many other fin institutions during this time)

As far as compensation, I'm not positive but I wouldn't be surprised if your description was accurate. The culture seems to be pretty work intensive and the people I've talked to are very personable at the same time.

If you're interested in their corp fin department and want to do leveraged finance it seems like a really good opportunity. Good luck with everything.

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I interviewed with them last year. I interviewed with the industrial group and the healthcare group. As far as I know they are mainly a commercial lender with the exception of the healthcare group which does M&A type work. At the time the healthcare group was the gem of the company (according to the healthcare MD) and was run mainly by ex Citi bankers.

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