Citadel Global Fixed Income in NY - Compensation, progression, success rate?

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I'm considering a role in Citadel's Global Fixed Income Fund in NY. I spoke to a recruiter and am considering applying. I'd be coming on at the junior trader level, probably somewhere similar to where people 2-4 years out of BB S&T would join, but my background is prop trading.
Does anybody know how much I can expect in compensation in the first few years, and then what the progression looks like afterwards. Obviously later years is very variable but I'd like to get some sense of how long it takes, what typical and reasonably high performer compensation is, and how many people are axed for poor performance/bad luck.
I'm just not sure if the job would be a major improvement over my current one, as I'm making $200-$400k now and working 40 hours a week, although my upside here is capped at around $1 million and the firm lacks prestige.

Any other insights on GFI culture, pay and overall experience would be appreciated.

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May 10, 2018