Citadel - Portfolio Construction Group and Risk details (Salary, bonus, career path etc)

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Hi All,

I'm in discussions with Citadel for a role in their PCG group and was wondering if anyone could provide some details about this group and some advice. Some specific questions:

  1. What is is the pay structure and bonus like? I have 10+ years of experience and am currently working as a Head of Risk at a large commodity trading shop. Current pay is in the range of 185k + bonus of 0.5x to 1.5x base USD. Can I expect more or less from Citadel in the PCG group?
  2. What is the work like in PCG? Is it primarily reporting or is it actually a partnership with the commercial teams to discuss/implement strategies, trade ideas, trade sizing etc I want to make sure I'm not doing what is essentially analyst level reporting work because that would be a step back for me.
  3. Is this the right move for my career? I'm on a clear path right now with my next step being a Global Head of Risk, and then a CRO. I know Citadel is a prestigious name to have on the resume, but I am concerned about the flat org structure. I've read that people pretty much do the same thing for years at Citadel despite changes in title over time so it can be a dead end in terms of career progression. Will I be derailing my career by joining Citadel? What are my prospects if I spend 3-4 years at the company? Where do people typically move on to: banks, other funds, trading shops etc?

I would be grateful for any insights. At the moment I'm having trouble deciding if this the right next step for me. The money is important, but also want to make sure the job is not a dead end.

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Aug 23, 2018
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