Citi Global Risk Analyst Superday

Does anyone have any experience with Citi's Global Risk Management interviews?

Have superday next week but not sure what to expect as 1st round interview was entirely fit, no technical at all.

Any experiences would be greatly appreciated!!

Also, in terms of exit ops, is risk worth it?

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  • eyelikecheese
  •  Oct 8, 2010

Also, in terms of exit ops, is risk worth it?

I would say it depends on what your long term goals are, but you are shooting for IBD or something front office, I'd say the exit opps aren't all that great. But, like I always say, exit opps are what you make them, not what anyone tells you or what everyone else has done previously

Oct 9, 2010

To add to the person terms of opps and mobility it depends on the bank and what their risk management culture is. Citi's risk management doesn't have too much credo but might be more important these days. JPM on the other hand treats risk ppl like front office even though it's not.

Do what you want not what you can!

Sep 28, 2012

bump bump, same question! Have my interview on Monday!

Oct 23, 2013

bump again! i know it's been a year since the last person commented, but i have my superday next friday. what can i expect from the interview?

and is risk considered back office?

Oct 23, 2013

Considered a true middle office function across the board.

Best groups are credit risk or market risk. Stay away from country risk.

Exit opps are limited but know a couple who have made the jump to S&T from market risk. Know one guy who went buyside from credit risk.

Oct 23, 2013

thanks yeahright. how will the work differ between credit risk and market risk? i actually don't know much about risk at all.

also, which option is better - blackrock institutional sales or citi global risk? i currently have an offer from blackrock, and know that i definitely like the buyside (had exposure through an internship at a BB AM this summer). the reason i'm considering other options at this point is because the blackrock offer isn't in NY, and i'd like to relocate to NY.

Oct 23, 2013

middle office. expect stats/prob questions (know ur var, how to calculate it etc.)

Oct 23, 2013

No one got any of that. It's all fit.

Oct 23, 2013


Oct 23, 2013