Citi SF IBD Superday (SA Class of 2017)

Hey all,

Just got an invite for a superday in Citi's SF office for their technology IBD team. I was hoping for some color on their interview process, recent deals worked on, culture, average analyst class size, anything.

A lot of the posts regarding this group are pretty outdated - I read that they hired Ethan Topper in 2011 and hired some MDs from DB pretty recently so I was curious if their deal flow had improved.


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Sep 30, 2016 - 3:40pm

I was an off-cycle associate referral candidate was down to the final round and they ultimately promoted from within. Still have a buddy interview was a bit different than what a superday would be but I can give you general question guidance...

(1) Lots of fit questions...why banking? why Citi vs others?

(2) Only had a 30 min phone interview on technicals, but was highly commended on them. Walk me through a DCF, how is WACC calculated, how is beta calculated, treasury stock method, quick model on 3 financial statements what happens if depreciation increases by $x. What levers on the balance sheet can be used to impact valuation holding sales/cogs/opex constant.

(3) Interviewed with 4 bankers ( 2x - Associates, 1x - VP, 1x - MD NA Head Tech)

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