Citi TTS Career path/Compensation?

(I know this isn't strictly IBD related, but there didn't seem to be a better place to ask this, and TTS is still in ICG)

I'm considering Citi TTS as a potential landing spot, and I was curious what the career progression and comp looked like.

From what I've gathered, TTS doesn't follow the typical 2 years analyst 2 years associate, get an MBA, exit or promote after that structure, but they weren't very specific about how it's different.

And perhaps more importantly, I'm curious about comp for say, the first 3-4 years but didn't feel it appropriate to ask that so bluntly. I know it's not going to be IB money, but I want to make sure that I can afford to live in NYC (including saving some money). The best I've been able to surmise so far is that starting is $80k + bonus.

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Jul 31,2017

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