Citi vs Goldman S&T for SA

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Choosing between S&T summer analyst offers for Goldman and Citi that I recently got; both NYC; both are rotational but Citi is also rotational full-time as well.

Factors I'm keeping in mind: strength of S&T division (most interested in FICC but obv open to doing equities too), exit opps, compensation, and culture.

Absolutely loved the people at Citi and I know a lot of junior/senior people; know less people at Goldman so can't say too much about that but very attracted to its brand name obviously, esp as an international student who'll likely be working outside the U.S in the future

Any help is much appreciated! It's a very difficult choice

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Jun 4, 2018

Citi has higher return offer rates in S&T

Jun 4, 2018

Ignoring prestige, Citi is a stronger powerhouse in the FICC space and return offers are definitely one of the highest. Since you mentioned that you are interested in FICC, i would suggest that you take up that offer

Jun 4, 2018

citi - gs overrated

Jun 6, 2018