ClearBridge Investments (Legg Mason) Equity Research Internship Questions

So I recently received an equity research internship offer with ClearBridge Investments for this summer (they're one of Legg Mason's funds). I couldn't find a ton of information about comp/exit opps online, so I was wondering if anyone on this forum might know anything. Some specific questions I have:

1) What compensation should I expect as an Equity Research Intern? (Comp has yet to be negotiated)

2) How easy/difficult is it to convert an internship into a full-time offer?

3) How favorably will this internship be perceived by other asset management firms, such as BlackRock and Fidelity? How favorably will it be perceived by other buy-side institutions, like hedge funds?

4) What does the entry level comp at ClearBridge look like for a full time role, and how does this grow as you progress in your career towards becoming a Portfolio Manager?

5) What sort of exit ops might a research analyst have after leaving ClearBridge?

Any insight is appreciated; thanks in advance!

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