ClearView Healthcare Partners vs. Trinity Partners vs. ZS Associates

Anyone have any experience with these firms? Thoughts on how they compare in the type of work they do? Culture? Exit opps?


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Nov 7, 2011

Created by 3 partner-level folks who broke off from Leerink Swann consulting. Do a mix of brand strategy, due diligence/opportunity assessment work for biopharma. Seem to be fast growing. My understand is that they have pretty decent comp. No clue on exit opps (I'd imagine similar to other boutique LS consulting firms--that is industry or good MBA) or culture, but my contacts who work there seem to enjoy it. Fit also seems to be an important factor of the hiring process. Seem to recruit, attract, and are able to hire folks with good backgrounds (top undergrads).

- Relatively new firm (again, fast growing)
- They are in Newton, a suburb of Boston (with limited public transportation, i.e., maybe a bus or two)
- Not sure what their client base is like (e.g., whether they're expanding in clients or just have 2-3 core clients, which is dangerous).

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Nov 8, 2011


Thanks so much for your insights. Do you know of anyone at this firm that has been able to transition to healthcare VC or perhaps PE? Also, would you mind PMing me with what the comp is based on your understanding.

Lastly, I have changed the topic a bit to compare it to Trinity and ZS, which I am also considering. Do you have any insights on these 2 firms and how they compare to Clearview?


Nov 9, 2011